Plan changing option not working. Pressing it and nothing happens. Help?

I am constantly pressing my plan changing option and nothing is happening. It just shows that its seected but nothing happens and I need to change my plan as a new payment cycle starts tomorrow and I need to get a cheaper plan. what do I do? Ive tried from my phone and laptop. Its the same result. I have attached the screenshot. The change my plan option is a darker green color than the rest indicating that I have pressed it but nothing is happening. Someone help. Anyone had issues like this before?


  • mhx
    mhx Posts: 4
    IIRC, you cannot change your plan if the next cycle starts in two days or less.
  • Allison W.
    Allison W. Posts: 1,270
    I can't see any screen shot, but if it is not within 2 days of your monthly payment, you can contact Fizz customer service to ask them to fix the problem. If it's within 2 days of your monthly payment, it is too late to change your plan for next month.
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