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The puk code you gave me on my account doesn't work and I haven't tried more than 10 times, can you

My phone is asking for a PUK code so I entered the one FIZZ gave me and it doesn't unlock. Can you fix my card or send me one that's working. Yes my cellphone is unlocked


  • You sure you're phone is unlocked? I have a Samsung and had the same problem with the PUK code not working so I had to contact samsung and get the unlock code. And basically follow the same guideline that Mike mentioned.
    If you're phone is actually unlocked and you're having problems with the PUK code then try this link maybe it will help:
  • GOAT
    GOAT Posts: 227
    You will need to go through Samsung for this.
  • I'd try contacting samsung or your previous cell provider
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