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How to optimize your modem wifi

There are a lot of people complaining about the Fizz modem, mostly all the complains can be fixed with a few changes
Do you have a weak signal, or the signal drops easily?
Things that can fix the problem:
The modem has 2 wireless frequencies (2.4 and 5GB) both have the same name (you can have a different name)
I found that turning off the 2.4G frequency gave me better speed and all my devices were able to connect.
2.4G gave around 40/20Mbps connecting from the furthest point of my apartment
5Gb gave 80/70Mbps connecting from the furthest point of my apartment
Trying to optimize the 5GB connection I changed the channel from 157 to 161
Now 5Gb is giving me 130/120Mbps connecting from the furthest point of my apartment.
(same speed as the recorded speed from a wired connection)
With these changes, I got a perfect speed, solved the connection problems and I am a happy customer.
Also I tried on a friend modem (having problems with wifi signal) to separate the frequencies and changing channels and the problem was solved
All the modems use the same channels by default so if you are in a congested area the trick is to use a less used channel.
I hope this helps


  • Mike
    Mike Posts: 18,409
    Thank you to share, the channel, as you said, depend from the area and if the modem does not have a monitor you need to try different channels.
    Also people reported that disabling ATF helps.
  • Fizzy
    Fizzy Posts: 6,450

    Thanks for sharing! I am sure this will help others.


    My questions to you are

    - Did you use a wifi optimizer to determine which frequencies/channel to use?

    - When your modem reboots, does it keep the previous channel setting?

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