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Beware from fizz

Hi everybody.I’m writing this because I have to warn out people staying with this ridiculous company.Nothing works properly with fizz,even this website.This company never grow up.They spent months for advertising in Montreal for nothing.I’m leaving this ridiculous company.For saving couple $ I can not accept this what happened to me last month even if fizz offer me this service for free.


  • Mike
    Mike Posts: 18,409
    I do not have big issues, therefore, I do not agree.
    In the meantime, can you try to explain your problems?
  • I have no issue like you..
    There are good ppl here to help your problem. what is yours?
  • Gates
    Gates Posts: 833
    I've had absolutely no issues so far since I joined 5 weeks ago. Excellent product for an awesome price.
  • Zef
    Zef Posts: 68
    I’ve been 10 months with ridiculous fizz “provider”.No issue with cable internet except useless router but mobile service-not acceptable.For people with no any issue-good for you guys,good luck!!
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