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Service in USA during stabilization period ?

I am a resident of west Ottawa, where FIZZ mobile has LTE coverage. Now, I am planning to buy a 'Canada + USA' plan because, for next few months, I have to travel frequently to east coast of USA. Before I buy the plan, I have following questions, please let me know.
1) Will there be any service interruptions during the stabilization period while I am in the USA (mainly in the east coast, Boston area) ?
2) Does 'Canada + USA' plan covers states of Vermont, New Hampshire and Massachusetts in the USA ?
3) Can I have 'LTE' connectivity in USA with 'Canada + USA' plan ?
/jamil, Ottawa.


  • M T. #338
    M T. #338 Posts: 2,941
    1) I don't know
    2) Yes it covers all USA states
    3) Yes where it is available (Fizz does not have its own infrastructure outside of Quebec. In US you'll be using Fizz partners networks Example : AT & T, Verizon )
  • Code_KRUEW
    Code_KRUEW Posts: 380
    1. No one can predict that. 
    2. I've personally been in Vermont and New Hampshire and there is coverage in these areas, but there are blank spots where there is no service (no providers either).   I was conncted to AT&T and another local provider that I can't recall the name.
    3. Depending on the area, you can get LTE.  On the way to North Conway, NH, service was 3G, but in North Conway I had LTE.
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