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One account - 2 phones (sim cards) Can i transfer Data GB between the 2 phones?

Hi. I am a new user and created an account. I then purchased 2 SIM cards to insert in both my kids mobile phone. Each have the 1GB plan with text/phone. I was gifted a few GB by a friend and all the GB were applied to a single phone (the first registered). Is it possible to split a gifted GB between SIM (plans)?


  • Mike
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    Yes, you can gift data between the two
  • Mike
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    Yes @MT is right, I was reading in the wrong way. Sorry
  • OoumFiss
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    Hi Stephan26,
    Here is some info about your question ;
    You cannot gift:
    An unlimited feature, such as text, minutes or minutes for international calls
    Gifted data (no re-gifting allowed!)
    Data that has already been rolled over.
    So you can just gift data that is part of your monthly plan to your sons, not the data you were gifted nor the rolled over data.
    Also if you want to keep you sons profiles private and still gif data from your plan , you can do so by having them on your contact list.
    Although to be able to receive gifts from each others to your respective contact list you will have to set the Privacy either to the "Full Experience" or set to "Private Membership".
    The " Incognito" settings will not be able to be found and thus receive any gifts.
    Hope that helps!
  • OoumFiss
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    Also here the full FAQ from FIZZ





  • Yes it should be working. If it doesn't work, then ask a person here on the board to help you. You transfer him some data, and he will transfer it to your other phone number.
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