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Cross country US roaming impressions and question?

I just drove across the US, here are my impressions. First I'm using Fizz APN on Samsung S8. Everything works for me in Canada, including mms (I use PAP authentication and GID as MVNO type).
I drove North crossing at Sault Ste Marie, everything worked well through Michigan, Wisconsin and South Dakota on AT&T as roaming partner basically getting LTE same as at home. I used around 800 megs of data (have around 13 gigs of rollover and perk data).
Things went a bit worse in Wyoming, Montana, Idaho and Washington. AT&T would connect but only for voice and sms. Data would connect rarely as 4g, then not at all. I Decided to manually select T-Mobile roaming partner which reconnected at 4g speed. Got to Seattle and now T-mobile is giving Edge and G connections only even when T-mobile has LTE service (downtown for example).
Fizz advised manually selecting other providers such as Union telecom in some locations (which I've never even heard of).
So my question is what level of service should be expected from US roaming partners? Is this typical to get second tier roaming service? Are there roaming caps, and if AT&T is rejecting data roaming, can it be restored?


  • redhead
    redhead Brossard, QuébecPosts: 733
    Personally, I would buy a local US SIM card, either before my trip (e.g. Roam Mobility) or in the US.
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