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Calls are cutting off after 1 and a half minutes

This morning calls are cutting off after 1 minute. Happens with every call. I am using the service in Montreal area.
This issue is in addition to not being able to access Voicemail from mobile, ongoing for at least a week that I haven noticed, which cuts off when trying to call Voicemail after a second.
Fizz service is completely unusable right now. I don't understand how Fizz's status of network says everything is working correctly on the solution hub. Completely unusable does not equal everything is working properly with the network!
I would like Fizz to let everyone know when this will be resolved


  • Mike
    Mike Posts: 18,409
    My SMS are working now
  • Mike
    Mike Posts: 18,409
    I am chatting with them, and they say that is my problem :D
  • Mike
    Mike Posts: 18,409
    The calls and SMS are back for me
  • Allison W.
    Allison W. Posts: 1,270
    Unfortunately, their service status message seems to be reactive--enough people complain/ask on the forums and they eventually update it, so it's not a great indication of the actual state of their services at any moment.
  • Whizz
    Whizz Posts: 7,872
    Hello all,
    I would like to let you know that we aware of this situation. I advise you to try reboot your device and test again.
    If the issue stil persists, please let us know by social medias or by Chat https://fizz.ca/en/contact-us
    Thank you for your kind understanding!
    Have a nice day! ;)
  • redhead
    redhead Brossard, QuébecPosts: 738
    Whizz (Fizz) says they are aware of problem.
    Once you are happy with community answers, please select a best answer to close the discussion.
  • the_lebuis
    the_lebuis Posts: 19
    It is back for me.
  • Yelena
    Yelena Posts: 1,801
    @Christopher: the issue should be resolved by now. Can you close the topic by choosing the best answer?
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