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When will I be able to order a Fizz SIM to Barrie Ontario?

I tried to order a SIM card but it says that is it outside the shipping zone. When will I be able to order a SIM to Barrie Ontario?


  • Quang-Tri
    Quang-Tri Posts: 48
    Fizz's coverage is very limited, so it's likely that your area is not supported by Fizz.
  • Lee_bann
    Lee_bann Posts: 1
    Fizz doesn't have coverage in your area which is why they aren't shipping to that location.
  • Fizzy
    Fizzy Posts: 6,451

    @Lee_bann, please check the coverage map for Barrie ON.


    Coverage in this area is provided by partners.

    To use it, make sure you select the appropriate coverage in your plan.

    *Unfortunately, subscription is not available at this address.

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