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Internet Plan Price is now 62$, why?

I subscribed to Beta Internet Plan at 45$ 120MB and now it shows 62$ even though they promised to keep introductory prices., I hope Fizz will fix this situation


  • Fizzy
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    You should contact Fizz support, they will create a ticket.


    Yes others have reported the same issue:



    Here is the reply given by Whizz Fizz Team to others yesterday:

    "I have escalated the situation for (customers A and B) regarding this issue. Once we will solve it, we will notify you by e-mail regarding this issue you will be restored to the beta price and have refunded for the difference."

  • I have the same problem, the price is not the same as in the beginning. Is it a general glitch or should everyone affected open a ticket?
  • Should be a specific glitch. Mine is still at the beta pricing.
  • Well, with the number of people having this problem, i would'nt use the word "specific glitch". There are probably more people having the problem that had not noticed it yet.
  • Whizz
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    Hi Imad,
    We are really sorry for the inconvenience.
    This issue is known and we are working on it.
    But please, contact us directly, via a contact form, so we can check it with you.
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