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If I buy a plan 20.70$ now (instead of 28$) after "Stabilization Period" my plan will change to 28$

If I buy a plan 20.70$ as Stabilization price now (instead of 28$) after "Stabilization Period" my plan will change to 28$ automatically?


  • Legandir
    Legandir Posts: 540
    Yes but Fizz also said that we Will be surprise after the Stabilization Period. So you might keep the Stabilization rate after the Stabilization Period.
    Fingers cross!
  • Jeff W.
    Jeff W. Posts: 7
    It would seem your price would go up back to normal. Like the other mention, it is up to Fizz to decide what it will be after the stabilization period, so you could get lucky.
  • no one knows exactly how long the stabilization period is going to be, but it's estimated at 3 months currently. Any plans ordered during this period (Starting April 12th) will get the promotional rates during this period but should return to the normal pricing after this period ends.
    It is possible that during this phase Fizz may change their rates for those that endured the stabilization period, but current information is that the plans will take on the normal pricing listed here:
  • Fizzy
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    Yes you are correct.
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