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Two years upgrage suddenly changes into?

I get a free 250 mB upgrade but once I activate it, you switched it from being free for 2 years to me paying 3$ for it? This is the second month in a row you're planning to dip in my account whichever way you think you may. I'm growing tired of this.


  • We are cx like you on the community hub. You can check over the chat if you need.
    It's supposed to be a bonus who will expire after 2 years. They are not supposed to charge for it after 2 years.
    On my invoice I'm having a 0$ charge for the 250 mb bonus. But you need to have datas on your plan to use it. Do you have datas? It might be the reason why they are charging you. Anyways, you're better to check on the chat with Fizz Cx Care.
  • It's been two months and I just saw the contract... I've been paying for it. They just sent me a new one, making me pay for it. No data was better, I don't use data.
  • Allison W.
    Allison W. Posts: 1,270
    Last month I got charged $1 for my "free voicemail" upgrade. When I contacted customer service with screenshots to show the problem, they credited my card right away. Contact customer service and they should give you a refund for the overpayments. Their billing system is still as buggy as the rest of their systems, so you just have to keep an eye on things yourself.
  • Irene
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    I remember that a geek once posted that he has internet with upgrades and not paying for it.
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