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Can i add a us number to my plan ?

Can i add a us number to my plan


  • No you can’t add the subscription area is only Ottawa and Quebec but you can always add Canada plus USA coverage free of roam :)
  • Long L.
    Long L. Posts: 117
    Ottawa and Quebec number only, You can use Google voice for USA number, If you roaming USA can't stay over 3 billing cycle.
  • Fizzy
    Fizzy Posts: 6,451

    I would say no.

    However calls to US numbers are included if you subscribe to Canada & US coverage.

  • Kovid
    Kovid Posts: 567
    Absolutely not.
    Fizz is a Canadian company and therefore cannot give you a US number nor can you port a US number to Fizz.
    You can subscribe though for the US+Canada coverage to use a Canadian number anywhere in Canada and in the USA to call and text any USA or Canadian number. If you have data in your plan, you would be able to use it the same way with that coverage. This is one option I'm considering to get rid of MagicJack.
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