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Are my Referral Bonuses being used fully?

I don't like that the referral credits are sitting somewhere where we can't see it. I am a frugal undergrad, so I limit my cellphone expenses to $11 per month and I get an add-on. So hopefully my $25 referrals are getting accumulated in order to pay for my phone the rest of the year... However I am afraid the $25 are being applied monthly as a whole and the difference is not being kept (25 - 11= $14 for next month... etc). I got almost 6 referrals by now but I am really really poor so I'm worried this might not work? Maybe fizz should put the referral money on your wallet or at least give us the opportunity to do so... I would love to be able to get add-ons with referral bonus money. Also I'd like to see a running tally with the total credit used and remaining. Hope this get implemented.
Thanks for your help...


  • @Stephania, I totally agree with you. I have said this same thing many times already. It should not be a big deal for Fizz to implement this, but I guess it's not a priority at the moment with other issues being more urgent.
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