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Are members still being disconnected when the bonus from their referrals is greater than the price o

Before subscribing to fizz, I did a bunch of research as some things were very important to me (keeping my phone number and having a custom voicemail). In the research I did, I found out about a glitch that was happening to people where if the money from referring people to Fizz exceeded the price of their monthly plan, they would get permanently disconnected, POSSIBLY LOSING THEIR PORTED NUMBER.
So my question is; is this still happening?
I really want to refer friends, but losing my ported number is too great a risk for 25$...
Thanks for any help!


  • M T. #338
    M T. #338 Posts: 2,941
    I don't think this has ever happened.
  • Pancake
    Pancake Posts: 5
    Hey guys, thanks for the answers! I had heard about this issue on the FizzMobile subreddit, but if it's resolved, awesome. And I'm already a member, I just activated my SIM today actually :)
  • Got many referal bonuses and didn't happened to me, don't worry :)
  • Welcome to the Fizz community :)
  • Whizz
    Whizz Posts: 7,846
    Awesome to hear @Pancake, Fizz - just became the syrup needed to enjoy the daily journey with us! Welcome to Fizz and our amazing community!
  • Allison W.
    Allison W. Posts: 1,270
    My referrals exceed my monthly plan and I have not been disconnected.
  • gremiobr
    gremiobr Posts: 237
    Me too, everything normal here
  • Never had or heard of that issue. Welcome to Fizz
  • Mike
    Mike Posts: 18,409
    Welcome in Fizz and in the community
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