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Earning Badges and Points, how to get them ?

First i'd like to thank Hugo and the others that contributes to the initial post 4 months ago.

Great job guys !


I also think that we need a more updated list to understand better the rewarding system.


Please I am relying on more savvy member to complete and correct the information.


General resources links:

What are Points, Levels, Perks, etc. What can I do to earn each?
My Rewards Policy


How to get points:

Badges earning
025: Newbie - You joined the Fizz community.
050: Amigo - You Added your first contact.
100: Collector - You referred 1 new member.
??: Chasseur - You referred 1 new member (Same as Collector ?)
??: Dinosaure - You are here since 1 month.
??: Heros - You gifted data to a friend.
??: Touriste - ??Maybe add a traveling packadge
??: Sundae - ??
??: Tching Tching - You added some money in your wallet for the first time.
Other account activities
010: 1st Revealing your referral code gives you 10 points.
???: Making your monthly payment.
100: Referral bonus pending showing after the referre activate his plan.
200: Referral bonus is confirmed after the 2nd month.
??: Create a new Mobil Plan.
??: Create a new Internet Plan.
Community-Hub participation
1: Give a kudos to a user by clicking on the heart of an answer. (20 points/days maximum ?)
3: Reply to a question on the Fizz community.
5: Receive a kudos from a user that click on the heart of your answer.
5: Reply to a question that was published less than 5 minutes ago.
10: Be the leader of the day.
50: Be the leader of the week.
50: Be active on the Fizz community during the month.
50: Be selected as the best answer.


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