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Why is Mobile data not working at times?

Fizzy Posts: 6,451
Here's my scenerio. I don't use data often, so I turn it off at times.
For the past few days, when I turn DATA on, it fails to connect to the internet.
Here's the kicker. If I leave my data turned on, it may connect to the internet on it's own after some time (could be 2 hours or so). Recently though, it's getting worse, still failing to connect when I leave DATA on overnight.
I am using Android device mostly in Montreal and Longueuil area. I have checked APN settings. They are good.
And there's no change after rebooting phone.
So If I need to use DATA immediately, I am always able to fix it by searching for available networks and manually selecting "FIZZ EXT RAT:LTE". I know I cannot continue to roam on a permanent basis, so I want to resolve this.
So the cell signal is good (voice and text work fine), but I cannot connect to Fizz data. What gives? I am thinking there are now too many new mobile users and Videotron towers are overloaded? Any suggestions?


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