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What is the home internet like?

I hear some people already are using the home internet. Any thoughts on how good it is? Better than Bell? Pricing? And is it DSL, fibe or cable?


  • MartyG
    MartyG Posts: 31
    I cannot compare to Bell since I was with Videotron. So far, I am very happy
  • MartyG
    MartyG Posts: 31
    I forgot to mention: I have 60/10 Mbit/s, unlimited and I am paying 35$. No additional fee for router/modem. You can either install it yourself or pay 30$ for professional installation.
  • Md U. #2268
    Md U. #2268 Posts: 108
    Im am very satisfied with the Fizz internet and better than bell due to its pricing. Hardly experienced any hiccups and would highly recommend going with this fizz cable internet
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