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Voicemail is Trash

Who thinks that the voicemail is straight up trash from Fizz. I want the voicemail to be quick and easy, not long and tedious. For example I want Fizz to learn from Fido's voicemail option and make it similar like theirs.


  • Fizz voice mail is not so friend to use.
  • Just press "#####" and the message will stop. You don't have to follow through all of it! :)
  • Katia O.
    Katia O. Posts: 12
    Agreed! The messaging platform is rather tedious to use. @FIZZ: Understanding that services are still in beta stage, hopefully you're taking this into account as you develop further. Alternately, if there was a "cheat sheet" on how to navigate through the VM settings without it taking....so....long, that could go a long way to making users happier!
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