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Saying out of service area, yet still home... Again

Same as last time... Except now rather than being the day of payment while you got paid, we are 4 days prior. I got cut off in the middle of a call. Last time took 4 days for you to get my phone back up and running. I would really like for this to be fixed fast. It's becoming a reoccurring issue. Monthly.


  • No worries folks... I know it's a self serve thing which is why I explain to my friend I don't recommend them to switch at the moment. Prices can be better according to usage but I also explain to them, I'm used to techno and this is unstable still. Until then, I won't encourage anyone to do this. Thanks. I'll see what happens by the time their offices open tomorrow. I might consider ditching soon. No offense to you guys. You rock for doing this, I'm not sure I always would.
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    Are you sure it's an upgrade? You probably got confuse with a perks every new members gets when they join, which is different and ends after a certain period.
    Chizz :))
  • Will do. Thanks. Fizz is lucky to have such a great community. Hard to believe. I almost want to kiss you. You'll have to settle for a hug or handshake 'tho
  • David,
    I think you need to keep requesting for updates and ETA for the Fix... I've had incoming calls problem and after seeing so many ongoing issues and the turn around time to get a fix for fundamental services, i was skeptical of getting mine fixed quickly...
    So I kept asking for updates each day via the chat and even though the rep couldnt give me an ETA and their assurance that they are working diligently... after 3 days, my problem was magically fixed...
    Not sure if this is pure coincidence but it doesnt hurt :)
    Good luck!
  • Is there a possibility your sim card broken? Try same sim in different phone to verify.
  • It's not the sim card bud, nice try... It's why I used patience and waited for them to see the post. I've been dealing with electronics and operating system since the 80's. I knew it was because of fizz all along. Issue was resolved magical by monday morning office hours. Just like last time. Phone works great, fizz has issues
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    Should reach out to Fizz for help
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