Should I activate my SIM card as soon as I received it, or I can wait for few days?

I have contract with Fido right now, and still have $270 balance need to pay off (I took a new phone with them). I did the math and think that it is worth to switch to Fizz even I have to pay Fido $270. I ordered Fizz SIM, and received today. Then, I realized that my next payment date for Fido is Feb 26th (next week). If I activate the Fizz SIM card after Feb 26th, I will have $250 balance with Fido, instead of $270. My question is that should I activate Fizz SIM card now, or I can wait for few days?
Thanks for all your reply.


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    Sure you can wait a few days or as long as you want
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    You can do want you want. You can if you want never activate your sim at all if you want ;). If you don't want to pay your balance finish your plan with Fido then transfert.
  • Hao7
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    Thank you all for your kindly reply. I definitely will transfer from Fido. My contract with Fido still have one year to finish. If I transfer now to Fizz, it will save me $340 for one year (the same plan with Fido). $340 - $270 = $70. So I still saved $70 for the transfer.
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    Wait as long as you want but don't forget to ask for one's REF ke ybefore you activate to get the 25$ credit
    Can PM me if you want my key
  • I came from Fido too and cancel right away !
    Expect 4-5 week for a refund !
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    Don't forget
    - Verify if your phone is compatible with Fizz
    - Fizz can not receive short code sms from many companies
    - Browse the forum to have an idea of common and ongoing issues
  • If you transfert your phone number they (Fido) will make your final bill with a prorata for your last mouth and the your Fido account will be available for the next 90 days. So you can check, again, in the last mouth just to be sure that you have nothing to paid. You can always check your Fido account in the next 90 if your phone number isn’t your username.
  • Wait or transfer, it's up to you to decide what to do with your balance at fido.
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    Hello, Hao!
    Welcome to Fizz, I think congrats are in order!
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