Outrageous!!! I am blocked without any warning in advance!!!

This is my child's account. I am talking in this account because my own account is blocked.
I received a wired email this afternoon, and at the same time, my account is blocked. I cannot make phone calls, and cannot logon the web site. This is no notice in advance.
Here is the email:
Nous constatons que la dernière transaction de paiement pour votre forfait Fizz ait été refusée par votre banque.
Soyez avisé que nous analysons présentement cette situation et que nous nous réservons le droit de suspendre votre compte sans autre préavis si nous jugeons que cette mesure est nécessaire afin de protéger le détenteur de la carte de crédit.
L’équipe Fizz
We notice that the last payment transaction for your Fizz plan has been rejected by your bank.
Be advised we are currently analyzing the situation, and that we reserve the right to suspend your account, without any other prior notice, if we deem it necessary to protect the credit card holder.
The Fizz team


  • Allison W.
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    Yes, it's a prepaid phone plan, so when the payment doesn't go through, the phone will stop working. Contact customer service to try and fix whatever the problem was with your card.
  • There is absolutely no warning/notice IN ADVANCE. The blocked my phone AND web access all of a sudden.
    This is no instruction of how to resolve the problem.
    The only channel left is facebook, which does not help at all. They keep saying let me wait while another team is doing the investigation. They don't give me contact to that team, and that team does not contact me either.
    I double checked with my bank and my online bank transaction. All payments are done normally. There is no rejection. It's totally Fizz's billing system error.
  • Bellow are the communication between me and Fizz customer service (Facebook):
  • me, Monday 2:33pm:
    my account is blocked?
    what is that?
    I cannot make any phone call now
    what's happening?
    I never changed my credit card information, and that credit card worked before, and it is still valid, nothing changed, should still working
    I cannot logon, cannot send/receive phone call
    can you please check what's happening?
    Even if the transaction failed for whatever reason, my payment period start at 19th
    So for this month, I already paid, you shouldn't block me
    Even if everything failed, you should notice me and give some time to fix the problem. You cannot cut me out without any notice in advance
    Can you please unblock me right now, and we figure out the problem following
    It's urgent
  • Fizz: 3:19pm:
    We are sorry for this inconvenience. As you previous were informed your account was blocked after an investigation which showed that the payment transaction has been rejected by your bank. This is why we advise you to check with your bank.
    I am really sorry but i don't have the means to reactivate your line right now. I can assure you that your situation is being analysed by our financial department and they will contact you to do the verification before your account can be unblocked.I will kindly advise you to have in handy the following documents: a copy of your identity card, a bill where the service address is visible and the last 4 digits of the credit card.
    Thank you very much for your understanding.
    Have a great day!
  • me, 4:08pm
    You blocked me without notice in advance?
    Your investigation was wrong
    you just blocked my phone based on your investigation? How do you know you don't make mistake?
    you should keep my account active while discussing with me
    now you simply blocked me
    what next?
    Facebook is the only way I can comunicate with you
    Can you please unblock my phone, and we talk after
    I cannot just wait for your whatever department to call me
    they will never call me, I believe
    so it's dead?
    you sent me the email and blocked me at the SAME TIME
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