Is it a good idea to join in Montreal?

redhead Brossard, QuébecPosts: 742
Fed up of ROGERS. Want to join FIZZ, but saw some old posts about SMS/MMS issues and LTE network being down. Are these fixed now? Is it safe to join FIZZ or should I wait a bit longer? Thanks.


  • gremiobr
    gremiobr Posts: 237
    I was with Fido too when switched to FIZZ, couldn't be more satisfied
  • Only issue I have is occasionally not receiving SMS or receiving them out of order, but LTE has always worked perfectly
  • a very good idea when comparing to money hungry companies like Bell or Rogers
  • It's a good Idea if you can live with out The sms like Jonathan say. There are still SMS issues, especially with 2FA not working for a lot of companies. Other than that mine work just fine. And It's cheaper.
  • TheMMc
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    If you don't use the 2FA via SMS yes it's a good idea but make your mind it'a in beta you can exeperiance some bugs. There is my invite code if you want 25$ off after your second monthly paiement: I43LZ .
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