Why is Whitby considered out side the shipping zone ?

Trying to order a sim card, Whitby is outside the shipping are.


  • M T. #338
    M T. #338 Posts: 2,940
    Whittby is not in Fizz subscription zone. Use this tool to verify https://fizz.ca/en/coverage
  • Fizz is Quebec and Ottawa only. Only city in Ontario is OTTAWA
  • Allison W.
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    While Whitby is in the Fizz coverage zone, it only works there by using their partner networks (Fizz EXT). Whitby is unfortunately outside of the subscription zone, so you won't be able to get a SIM card delivered.
  • there is a workout. You can ask your friends or family member buy one sim for you . Then you can active it using your credit card( billing address in whitby) and use his address as service address to open an account.
  • ReneD
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    Watch out for Fizz rooming policy. You have to be in Fizz coverage zone for most of the time, otherwise they will revoke your account.
    The majority of your usage (calls, texts and data) must be done on the Fizz network.
    We reserve the right to interrupt or block access to our network of partner providers if you use your mobile service primarily on their networks for 3 consecutive payment periods.
    Chizz :))
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