Very slow LTE on s8+?

Ive used the APN settings from Fizz, and reset them many times.
My LTE is just so slow. Im in downtown Ottawa, so there isn't much excuse for it. And it is ongoing. Usually get between 1-5Mbps down and around 1Mbps up. Its noticeably slow. Even loading pics on instagram is slow.
Anyone have any ideas?


  • Has it always been this slow or it just got worse recently? Seems to be fine on my s9 in Montreal.
  • It comes and goes. I get times of good speed, but the majority of the time its quite slow
  • I've found speed is highly dependent on the location, which is presumably a function of both signal strength and the network capacity in general. At home I get exactly the same speeds you describe. At work, which is probably a bit closer to the same tower and where I get a somewhat stronger and more reliable signal I get a couple Mbps more. Across the city in the parking lot of my son's school, will full bars, I get 80 Mbps down and 30 Mbps up. Same phone in each case.
  • ReneD
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    I have read a thread on this forum about someone having a very similar issue.
    It git solve after Fizz specialize tech team looked into it.
    Have you tried backing up you user profile, reset the phone to factory default and rebuilt your user profile from your backup?
    There might be a way to just reset your network settings?
    Chizz :))
  • Clive
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    I'm in Ottawa, but not downtown. When at home my mobile is mostly showing 1 bar (out of 5) on a 4G connection. LTE rarely makes an appearance until I travel to a heavily populated area. Data speeds with 1 bar on 4G is torture. Fizz Customer Service replies very fast but for the last 7 weeks can only say their engineers are investigating.
    The terribly slow data speeds and generally poor signal/reception even for voice calls has become unreasonable. It is nearing the point of it not being worth the savings. Public Mobile on 3G was faster and more reliable.
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