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My data doesn't work in Toronto. Why ? Samsung S8+

my phone data worked in Ottawa, but when i moved to Toronto it stopped working. I still have good signal, but no data. Can someone help me out with this please ??


  • MoYe
    MoYe Posts: 586
    contact fizz
  • Had the same problem while being in Toronto for some time
    Connections/Mobile Networks/network Operators/Search for networks
    After it finds FizzEXT select it and you'll be good to go :)
  • If your APN is set to Videotron and not Fizz it will apparently work fine when your in the subscription area but not when you're in the coverage area. Maybe that's your problem? I had data cut in and out on me occasionally when I was in Ontario for a week and either rebooting or simply flipping over to airplane mode for a moment and back always solved my problems. Unfortunately, that means I haven't got any other suggestions for you - the others have already covered the bases, like ensuring you have Canada wide coverage or money in your wallet for pay per use (which is probably not a good idea, because there seems to be a bug that will cause it to chew through your wallet really fast with big roaming data charges).
  • if you look everywhere you gonna find what you are searching:)
  • Fizzy
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    I hope this issue got resolved.


    However you cannot continue to use Fizz mobile if you moved to Toronto. Aftrer 3 months, your plan will be limited or suspended and you will be notified.

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