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Why am I no longer receiving sms texts since New Years' Eve?

I stopped receiving text messages since New Year's Eve. I tried my sim in a different phone ans it still doesn't work. I can send sms plain text messages, but don't receive them. As I stated earlier, it isn't a phone issue as it does the same thing on another phone with the fizz sim in it.


  • ReneD
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    Just in case you did not get that first post
    Double check APN settings anyways, it doesn't always set or update it self automatically.
    Other than that, you will have to reach CS for assistance.
    Cheers :)
  • ReneD
    ReneD Posts: 1,810
    @Rose H.
    This is only because MMS works only on data connection.
    Cheers :))
  • Make sure that your carrier settings display "Fizz 35.0". If not, try to update them and it may resolve your issue. If your carrier settings are already up-to-date but you still cannot receive SMS texts, I would suggest contacting Fizz support about this issue because it is definitely not normal. Good luck!
  • Did you try to remove the sim and restart
  • The sms texting was working, now I don't receive messages, but still can send. I tried a different phone, so it is not a phone issue. Their servers aren't delivering my messages.
  • ReneD
    ReneD Posts: 1,810
    Chat is open today, may be they can help!
    Chizz :))
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