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How can I transfer my number from Fongo (voip)

Hi everyone, I am new here. I just received my sim card and would like to transfert my existing Fongo phone number. How can I do that ? I have read in the forum that others did but didn't found any explanations ? thanks


  • When you activate your new SIM there will be an option to use your existing number, then you will need to input your account number. It can take up to 2 hours, but mine was ported over in about 5 minutes.
  • I want know this too. Nobody answer this question before. I guess a manual porting need to be involved.
  • You can do this when you activate your card and order a plan. Normally, you need to provide your account number in your previous provider. however, it depends, mostly it goes smoothly, sometimes you will confront some problems and can not do a transfer by the system automatically. in such condition, you need to fill a contact form in your file and do a transfer manually. good luck.
  • The problem Is we don't have account numbers with fongo... What info can we provide. The Fizz FAQ shared by M.T.doesn't mention Fongo
    Thanks for letting me know. how you guys made it happend
  • you can also use your IMEI number to do a transfer. To find the 15 digit IMEI number in your phone by dialling *#06#.
  • IMEI won't work with Fongo since it is Voip... Anyone did it?
  • So... I tried to transfer my number... as soon as I enter my phone number the system tell me that it cannot transfer number from Landline.... other people on the forum did it... anyone has an explanation ?
    I just want to recap... I am with Fongo (voip company), I don't have an account number and IMEI won't work with my situation.
    thanks again
  • I got an answer from Fizz. It is impossible to import a number from Fongo. Case closed. Thanks
  • Did some research. Someone port number from fongo to Koodo, then from Koodo to fizz.
  • Jack888
    Jack888 Posts: 34
    Last year I transfered my fongo number to petro canada mobile,this year I transfered the number to Fizz. Buy sim at a petro canada station,activite on line ,you get a number ,call service you can transfer fongo number to petro canada mobile.It took 7-10days.(10$ sim+10$ voucher)+tax
  • Kovid
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    Thanks for letting us know because I was about to ask the same question as a family member is considering porting to Fizz from Fongo.
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