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cant activated my sim card cause its not available in my region but my adrees figures in the coverag

Im trying to activated my sim card but when im putting my adress it says that the service is not available in my region BUT when i type in my adress in the coverage map there is coverage in my region. I dont have another adress to put there help thank you :)


  • Ann H.
    Ann H. Posts: 226
    Since you already have the sim card, and you live in the coverage area. You can just use this address to activate your phone:
    612, rue Saint-Jacques
    Montreal, Quebec H3C 4M8
    Changed back to your own address after it's activated.
  • Danton
    Danton Posts: 99
    I don’t believe it’ll be worth it if you’ll be using it outside of a subscription area. Fizz mentions somewhere on their webpage that if the phone is only used outside a subscription area for 3 months, they could/would cancel the account.
  • Danton
    Danton Posts: 99
    “Access to partner networks is for occasional or temporary use only. If a member uses, minutes, text messages (SMS), photo and video messages (MMS) or data (KB) primarily on partner networks for three consecutive payment cycles, Fizz reserves the right to block or limit access to partner networks.”
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