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So now we're "next week" - what's the story with LTE? Exact timeline please.

E S.
E S. Posts: 322
As indicated in the question above. This is beyond ridiculous. ETA?


  • Beta users get 2 extra months on beta pricing and non beta users are getting shafted. Not exactly fair.
  • AMIRA R.
    AMIRA R. Posts: 206
    May be it will be ou Xmas Gift LTE and no more call drops that s what I wish for XMAS this year
  • Same here Francisco T. I'm in and around Ottawa every day, all parts and there's lots of times where 3G signal drops out completely. Sure would be nice to have full bore LTE coverage in the entire area they are trying to service!
  • LTE is back! (Dunno if it will last unfortunately)
  • The Case of the Disappearing LTE has been solved! High fives all around!
  • Peenis
    Peenis Posts: 90
    Without proper compensation
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