Removed beta perks and connection issues?

I joined the beta program with fizz and activated my SIM on October 30th. I initially went for a 4GB plan then, a week or so later, I realized that was silly so I went and changed it to 8GB that would be effective on my next bill period (Nov 29th). Attached is a screenshot of the price i was going to pay on Nov 29.
*The updated price was $7-8 or so, and there was no warning about being charged introductory prices, cause they hadn't been released yet!*
They released their Intro prices on Nov 21 but their website says that as long as you didn't make any plan changes after Nov 20, you would be safe with the beta prices. Well, come Nov 29 (my renewal period), I've been charged $46 instead of the initial $8 and tech support has done nothing to help me.
Anyone else facing a similar problem?
Oh, and the service wasn't working last night as many pointed out, but it still isn't working for me. I have signal but can't make calls, texts, or use data.
If I was still paying beta prices I'd deal with these issues as they're ironed out, but to charge me full prices when I signed up early on for the beta?? Definitely switching back to my old provider once I get my money back.


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    Agree with @Mohammad, file a Contact Form and wait. I trust Fizz will be fair, but then would they be able to fix your problem before your next billing cycle. Especially with all the issues that pop up now.
  • So, figured I'd give you guys an update:
    I submitted a complaint on their website and they replied telling me that they're issuing a ticket for the compensation, but that the network issues should be solved now. Spoiler alert, they aren't.
    My only option was to file a complaint directly with the CCTS to get their attention, and it worked, because up until today (December 13), my only line still doesn't work. That means that since Nov 30, I've been unable to reach people via call/text/data, making extremely difficult as I'm always relying on wifi. I don't even care for compensation at this point, I just wanted my line to work. I mean, we're living in 2018 and I can't believe it's something we're still dealing with here.
    Thankfully the CCTS complaint helped out a lot and Fizz reached out to me to pay the difference for what they initially overcharged me, but they're still unable to fix the network issue.
    My patience can only bring me so far, so I decided to switch over to Telus now that I have my money back. I'll be removing Fizz from my CC as well to prevent them from charging my card or having to deal with them again should they mistakenly charge me.
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