NO LTE 4G, only 3G network available?

I strictly set APN parameters according to your guides on receiving my SIM card. However, after multiple tentatives and trying on my 2 sets of 4G phones, there is only 3G network with limited speed available, though those run on LTE with Fido or Petrocanada smoothly. This situation is really annoying. There seems to be a fraud propaganda. Where is the claimed LTE 4G network???


  • I solved this issue by restarting my phone.
  • chabge your apn in the setting of your devices
  • yes my frien there is so many solution and futuristic feature to come that you will not believe yourself how fizz is just perfect :)!
  • Fizz is a brand new network if never you encounter any problem due to its early stage you can always check your apn or contact the team during the day time hope your problem will be solved soon but there is so many left to do so be patient fizz is the best network on the place its definitely here to stay :) and you have to do this
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