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Fizz saying I did not pay them?

I received an email from fizz telling me the payment did not work. However, I did not change my credit card and last month the payment did work without any issue. I would like to know what to do now? Thank You.


  • Hi Marc and Ilaiaraja,
    How were your stories ended? Did the issues get resolved? how? how many days did they take?
    Right now I have been in the same situation in 3 days. Still don't see any hope.
    My payment period starts on 19th, and Jan 19th payment was normal, but Feb 11 Fizz sent me an email said the payment was rejected! and they blocked my number and my web access right away!
    I doubled checked with my bank and on my bank's website, that transaction is 20 days old and is perfectly normal. No rejection at all!
    The worst part is, I tried my best chatting with Fizz on Facebook with many reps, spent many many hours, and smoked 3 times more cigarettes in past 3 days, and all they said is they can absolutely do nothing! They just wanted me to wait till someone contact me!
    If no one contact me in 7 days, I guess I will lose my number, right?
  • Am I targeted and punished by my comments on this post? SMS (2-factor authentication) issues https://community.fizz.ca/questions/1808946-sms-2-factor-authentication-issues ? I am not sure.
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